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Melissa Washburn is a local mom and foodie passionate about the healing power of nutrition. With a degree in journalism, she has spent nearly a decade wading through the sea of wellness philosophies to find true health. Melissa is happily nourishing her family with traditional, natural REAL FOOD! After following the GAPS diet for two years, Melissa and her family have experienced reversal of allergies and inflammatory bowel disease. She is experienced in sharing her GAPS journey and the importance of healing through real food.

GAPS Diet Seminar Schedule


Tuesday, Jan 17th  @ 6:30 pm ::  Heber City Market  (475 West 910 South)

Thursday, Jan. 26th @ 6:30 pm  ::   Orem Market (420 West 800 North)


Heal the Gut with the GAPS Diet by Melissa Washburn

GAPS is an abbreviation for Gut and Psychology Syndrome – it refers to the connection between the health of our gut and our brain.  Many individuals and families have found that this diet makes profound improvements in health and wellness.  It is based on the work of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  Melissa will walk us through the first steps in this program and teach you how to master the basics.  There will be more classes that build upon this introductory class in the coming year.


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7 Responses to “GAPS Diet Coach – Melissa Washburn”

  1. Elizabeth Herrera April 10, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    Hi Melissa,
    I saw your presentation at Real Foods in Orem last month. It inspired me to move forward with Gaps. I haven’t officially started yet but I have been adding in broth & ferments. Im off sugar, caffeine & most processed foods and have limited my grains & I already feel much better & I am beginning to heal.
    I’m part of a Gaps support group on facebook but I am looking for some local support from Utah gapsters.

    Do you know where I can find such a group?

    Also, I’m interested in finding someone willing to share some of their precious Kefir grains. I would love to hear back from you.

    Elizabeth Herrera

    • Leslie Smoot June 26, 2012 at 2:07 am #


      We are happy to offer Real Foods Market library in Orem as a gathering place for a GAPS support group. Please feel free to contact me (Leslie Smoot) and I clan let you know what time/day would be best.

      As for live kefir grains. Perhaps you can jump onto our Real Foods Facebook page and ask our audience. I be there is someone making kefir with live grains that would be willing to share.

      You may also want to contact Joanne Seal, she would be able to help you on your quest to find kefir grains.

      All the best,

  2. Erin Acevedo May 3, 2012 at 4:06 am #

    Hi Melissa,
    I watched your youtube GAPS course. It was excellent! At the end of the presentation, a woman asked you about hair loss and GAPS. I think you said it might be toxins coming out of the head? To you have any suggestions on what to do. I am currently experiencing a lot of hair loss,cradle cap rash, and some ecezema, since starting the GAPS diet in the fall 2011. Thanks for your suggestion!
    Erin Acevedo
    Ipswich, MA

  3. Amanda October 29, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    Hello Melissa!

    I’m feeling desperate and after watching your videos on the Gaps diet…I feel a bit of hope. I too did the raw food diet and I feel as though it destroyed my guts. Here’s the short of it. I ate some roughage and WAM…acid reflux do bad I have peed acid and ended up in hospital for dehydration because the acid has been so strong I do not absorb water, unless I take antacids like Gaviscon. I cannot put apple Cider vinegar or lemon juice or anything acidic in the broth cause it is too strong. Right now I’m eating broth and egg yolks. That’s pretty much it. Veggies hurt my gut and the roughage scares me. Same with onions and garlic. It seems I have been sensative to almost everything. Including probiotics and digestive enzymes, even excluding protease.

    I’ve been so blessed by your testimony, but I feel so lost. I don’t know which way to go from here. Nothing raw so please do not suggest that. It’s another month before my ultrasound. Right now I’m on strongest dose of PPI drugs ( and taken 2x/day at that). I have no access to raw milk yet. Yogurt and Keifer cause pain right between my breasts. Then I have relapsed after taking them.

    I guess that’s the long of it. I just started taking bits of coconut oil. Makes me feel yucky!

    Just wondering if you have ever worked with anyone who has been in such a situation. I don’t know where to go next. If you can’t help, could you please just email me and let me know? If you can i would love to hear from you!
    Thanks so much!!


    • Leslie Smoot November 8, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

      Hi Amanda,

      This is Leslie from RFM, I will forward this message to Melissa Washburn and she will respond to you directly. I am so sorry to hear about your recent struggles with digestion. There are few things that are more distressing then digestive problems especially since we humans seem to need food to exist!
      Please let me know if you live anywhere close to our Orem, Utah market. We have regular classes and also a support group for those that want to know more about the GAPS diet. We have two other markets in Utah that also have classes that may be of help to you.
      I will let Melissa respond to your questions regarding digestion.
      I wish you all the best,


  4. Amanda Baxter May 22, 2013 at 4:09 am #

    Hello Melissa!

    I have been on a journey to better my health since having many digestion issues, but I never really got to serious with my diet until I had children. (If I only knew then what I know now) We already do the raw milk and eat traditional foods according WAP recommends, but my children are showing signs of a gut in-balance. For example, my daughter does have a little eczema every now and again. But my 1 years old son has it if I don’t pull certain foods from his diet. He did have colic as a infant so I know his gut in off. Now with this all being said I WANT TO DO THE GAPS DIET for sure!!! I have just been starting my research into it, and trying to get as prepared as possible, but feeling overwhelmed. I feel responsible and accountable for my children’s health and want to start like RIGHT NOW ,but I know that will be a unwise choice. So I have just a few questions. Is there a way to find a certified GAPS doctor or counselor in my area to help guide us? Also I have many amalgams ,and yes I have started the process of getting them removed, but would it be pointless to start the GAPS diet before I have them all removed? I have 8 with no insurance at all so it will take us awhile until they are all removed. Thanks for your videos LOVE THEM!



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