ExpoWest A Success!

After two days of scouting the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, California, we want to share with you some of the great new foods we will bring into our market. The list is long, so here are just a FEW fun items we found. Stay tuned to learn about other new amazing products we have in store for you.



Kingdom Cheddar Cheese – a delicious, handcrafted organic cheese, aged in an underground cave. They are the kind of farmers we love to support. Like us, they believe in consuming the highest quality food and raising their animals with the highest standards. Their cows live on the English countryside and graze on clean grassy pasture that has not been sprayed with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The only thing better than eating this delicious cheese might be visiting their picturesque farm in West Country England.

Cultured Ketchup?! Yes, indeed! Traditionally many condiments were cultured, including ketchup. Of course you already know the many benefits of eating a diet, which includes cultured foods each day – so, we are expanding our line of cultured foods!  Keep your eyes open for fun new cultured products from Rejuvenate Foods.

Easter Chocolates – It is nice to know you can still enjoy holiday goodies and have high quality “real” food at the same time. These chocolates are made with just a few top-notch ingredients to bring you delicious treats this spring. Vegan chocolates and milk chocolates will be available.

Chia Pop Popcorn – This unique new popcorn has just raised the bar on snack-food with nutritional power. This  popcorn treat is made with chia seed and a tasty cheddar powder which coats the popcorn.  We source non-GMO corn products every time.

Yogurt from Maple Hill Creamery – Could there be a yogurt that is every bit as good as homemade? This is a tart, full-fat, low in sugar European-style yogurt with a heavenly “creamline” layer on top. 100% grass fed, certified organic, and small farm produced. They use a gentle 12-hour culturing process and they don’t add any thickeners, colors, or preservatives. Ever.

Kombucha lovers – we are adding a few new flavors of Bucha – live kombucha tea.

Crip Bread from France – La Pan de Fluer makes delicious crunchy and nutty, toasted flat bread. It is made gluten-free or whole wheat. You will enjoy serving this with some of the Kingdom Cheese mentioned above.

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  • Suzanne

    Thanks so much for the introduction to your new products. I’m looking forward to trying them and can’t wait to hear about more things you found!

    • Leslie Smoot

      Thank you! It was a really fun Expo this year and we noticed so many new products that fit in line with our philosophy of good, clean food – REAL food. We will post more new items each week.

  • Ruth Ann

    Hooray! Cultured ketchup. Thanks for the update. We’ve been excited to hear more about what you would find. I love that you are expanding the cultured foods.

  • Carole

    So thankful for your efforts!! Real foods make such a difference in our lives. Thank you for being there..nothing like real foods elsewhere!!

  • Sherry

    Thanks for this information. What other gluten free breads do you have. We have been on gluten free for 2 weeks now and are trying to find a good replacement for my delicious whole wheat bread”! 🙂

    • Leslie Smoot

      Hi Sherry,
      I can tell you which gluten free bread items I enjoy the most. Canyon Bakehouse is one of my favorite brands. They make great buns and great loaves of bread. Try the 7-grain as it makes a nice replacement for those of us that were font of whole wheat bread! I also really enjoy the English muffins made by Food For Life. Be sure to inform us of your favorite GF bread, especially if you can’t find it at our market. We are always on the lookout for new wonderful items.
      All the best to you in your GF adventure.

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