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Who Knew A Toothpaste Could Be So AWESOME?!

It’s hard not to toot your own horn when you get something so great like this 5 star testimonial from Lisa. Thanks for sharing Lisa! We are so happy you’ve had such great results using Earthpaste! You can order your own tube of Earthpaste by clicking here

Rolling out the NEW SKIN CARE ITEMS at Real Foods Market

The skin is our body’s largest organ and it DOES absorb the chemicals that we slather onto our bodies everyday.  That’s why we search afar to bring you top quality, chemical free body products.  Laura Bradford, our in-house Skin Care Specialist and Esthetician has some new and exciting products that are now in at Real […]

Sprouted Grains

Until the 20th century, grain naturally sprouted in the field before it was milled into flour. The invention of the combine harvester during the Industrial Revolution changed everything. Grain could be harvested in the field and then moved to storage bins. The time-honored practice of sprouting was cast aside for modern processing.